Virtus (vir-toos) is Latin and means manliness, excellence, character, worth, courage.

We are a group of men who desire to live our lives characterized by Godly Virtus and take our relationship with Jesus Christ seriously. We also enjoy learning, laughing and growing together. There are opportunities throughout the week to do so. All men are encouraged to attend!

Life Journal groups meet every Wednesday morning at 5:30 at Brothers Coffee and Friday mornings at 6:00 at Main Bagel.

Also keep an eye on our Events Calendar for future Men’s events colored in blue.


Wild At Heart Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a powerful time in the mountains of Ekalaka MT where men encounter God on a journey to reclaim what was stolen…their hearts. Bootcamp is held each year on the third weekends of March and August. Registration is $200. This includes lodging, food, activities (paintball, trap shooting, rapelling, zip line), and materials for each session. Sign up today!

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